You Say, I want to make a difference, Well follow these links, and do just that!

My name Is Delores Ward(UsdiYonaUsuhgahlv?i) I am an Activist for the People, Earth,and The Animals upon it! I decided to get off my words and truly make a difference on this Earth.... Being one person, makes you feel maybe you can't do enought to change anything BUT you can, one email, one snailmail, one phone call, one conversation at a time!!!!!!!

Click on pic below to hear the flute music, Wado(Thank-You) Tawadi usdi for the flute wave attactment, I Like it very much! Please send Name and Author so I may post it.

Please feel free to email me anytime to get more Links are information.

Wado(Thank-you) in advance for helping me help other People!!!!!!!

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Links that can truly help you change the world for the better!

NativeAmericanHoliday Help
This site gives you a chance to give a child, elder, even a whole family gifts for Chistmas, and keep in touch and help though out the year if you can!
Big Mountain Elders please help
Very good site with many links that lets you help in the ways you decide is best for you, please follow all the links to find out more
giving elders the help they need
more helping hand links Did you reach out to someone today? Want to?

You Are The Soul To Make A Difference Follwing These Links